Rejiggering the Thingamajig and Other Stories by Eric James Stone

"Rejiggering the Thingamajig and Other Stories" by Eric James Stone.

“Rejiggering the Thingamajig and Other Stories” by Eric James Stone.

Title: Rejiggering the Thingamajig and Other Stories
Author(s): Eric James Stone
Cover Artist: Mary Robinette Kowal
Language: English
Publisher: Paper Golem
Published: August 2011
ISBN-10: 0979534992
ISBN-13: 9780979534997
   “Introduction” by Stanley Schmidt
   “Rejiggering the Thingamajig”
   “Premature Emergence”
   “In Memory”
   “Betrayer of Trees”
   “American Banshee”
   “The Six Billion Dollar Colon”
   “The Man Who Moved the Moon”
   “Buy You a Mockingbird”
   “Salt of Judas”
   “The Final Element”
   “Accounting for Dragons”
   “Tabloid Reporter to the Stars”
   “The Day the Music Died”
   “Upgrade” (Probability Zero)
   “The Robot Sorcerer”
   “The Ashes of His Fathers”
   “Taint of Treason”
   “Attitude Adjustment”
   “Waiting for Raymond”
   “Like Diamond Tears from Emerald Eyes”
   “The Greatest Science Fiction Story Ever Written”
   “That Leviathan, Whom Thou Hast Made”

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