Drakas! – edited by S.M. Stirling

"Drakas" - edited by S.M. Stirling.

“Drakas” – edited by S.M. Stirling.

Title: Drakas!
Series: Draka
Number in Series: n/a
Author(s): Lee Allred, John Barnes, William Barton, Markus Baur, David Drake, Roland J. Green, Jane Lindskold, John J. Moller, Severna Park, William Sanders, S.M. Stirling, Anne Marie Talbott, Harry Turtledove
Editor(s): S.M. Stirling
Cover Artist: Stephen Hickman
Language: English
Publisher: Baen Books
Published: November 2000
ISBN-10: 0671319469
ISBN-13: 9780671319465
   “Introduction” by S.M. Stirling
   “Custer Under the Baobab” by William Sanders
   “Hewn in Pieces for the Lord” by John J. Moller
   “Written by the Wind: A Story of the Draka” by Roland J. Green
   “The Tradesmen” by David Drake
   “The Big Lie” by Jane Lindskold
   “The Greatest Danger” by Lee Allred
   “Home Is Where the Heart Is” by William Barton
   “The Last Word” by Harry Turtledove
   “A Walk in the Park” by Anne Marie Talbott
   “Hunting the Snark” by Markus Baur
   “Upon Their Backs, to Bite ’em” by John Barnes
   “The Peaceable Kingdom” by Severna Park

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