Monsters and Mormons – edited by W.M. Morris and Theric Jepson

"Monsters & Mormons" edited by W.M. Morris and Theric Jepson.

“Monsters & Mormons” edited by W.M. Morris and Theric Jepson.

Title: Monsters and Mormons
Author(s): Lee Allred, S.P. Bailey, C. Douglas Birkhead, Will Bishop, Graham Bradley, E.C. Buck, Jaleta Clegg, James Paul Crockett, Galen Dara, Brian Gibson, Terryl Givens, Adam Greenwood, George Washington Hill, Theric Jepson, Moriah Jovan, D. Michael Martindale, Terrance V. McArthur, Emily Milner, Steve Morrison, Danny Nelson, Steven L. Peck, Erik Peterson, W.H. Pugmire, John Nakamura Remy, Scott M. Roberts, Bryton Sampson, Nathan Shumate, Eric James Stone, Bridgette Day Tuckfield, Terresa Wellborn, Dan Wells, David J. West, Katherine Woodbury
Editor(s): Theric Jepson, W.M. Morris
Cover Artist: Denise Gasser, Anneke Majors, Jake Parker
Interior Artist(s): Davin Alegg, Graham Bradley, Brandon Dayton, Steve Morrison, Matt Page, Jake Parker, Blair Sterrett
Language: English
Publisher: Peculiar Pages
Published: October 2011
ISBN-10: 0982781245
ISBN-13: 9780982781241
   “Preface” by Terryl Givens
   “Introduction” by Theric Jepson
   “Other Duties” by Nathan Shumate
   “The Living Wife” by Emily Milner
   “Baptisms for the Dead” by C. Douglas Birkhead
   “Pirate Gold for Brother Brigham” by Lee Allred
   “First Estate” by Katherine Woodbury
   “Fangs of the Dragon” by David J. West
   “Between Husband and Wife and the Late Bram Stoker” poem by Will Bishop
   “I Lie in Bed Reading from Mosiah Chapter Three and Think of You, Lon Chaney, Jr.” poem by Will Bishop
   “Charity Never Faileth” by Jaleta Clegg
   “Recompense of Sorrow” by W.H. Pugmire
   “Mormon Golem” by Steve Morrison
   “Bichos” by Erik Peterson
   “The Blues Devils” by Terrance V. McArthur
   “Brother in Arms” by Graham Bradley
   “George Washington Hill and the Cybernetic Bear” by George Washington Hill and E.C. Buck
   “The Baby in the Bushes” by S.P. Bailey
   “Bokev Momen” by D. Michael Martindale
   “The World” by Danny Nelson
   “Water Spots” by Terresa Wellborn
   “A Letter from the Field” by James Paul Crockett
   “Let the Mountains Tremble for Adoniha Has Fallen” by Steven L. Peck
   “Allow Me to Introduce Myself” by Moriah Jovan
   “Traitors and Tyrants” by John Nakamura Remy and Galen Dara
   “Experimenting with Life at Extraordinary Depths” by Bridgette Day Tuckfield
   “I Had Killed a Zombie” by Adam Greenwood
   “Out of the Deep Have I Howled Unto Thee” by Scott M. Roberts
   “The Mission Story” by Bryton Sampson
   “That Leviathan, Whom Thou Hast Made” by Eric James Stone
   “The Eye Opener” by Brian Gibson
   “The Mountain of the Lord” by Dan Wells