Altered Perceptions – edited by Brandon Sanderson, Dan Wells, and Robison Wells

"Altered Perceptions" edited by Brandon Sanderson, Dan Wells, and Robison Wells.

“Altered Perceptions” edited by Brandon Sanderson, Dan Wells, and Robison Wells.

Title: Altered Perceptions
Author(s): Nancy Campbell Allen, Brodi Ashton, Erin Bowman, Larry Correia, Bree Despain, Sarah M. Eden, Jessica Day George, Claudia Gray, Shannon Hale, Josi Kilpack, S.J. Kincaid, Mary Robinette Kowal, Mike Kupari, Annette Lyon, Seanan McGuire, Jennifer Moore, Brandon Mull, Jacqueline Novak, Lauren Oliver, Luisa Perkins, Aprilynne Pike, Brandon Sanderson, J. Scott Savage, Shawn Speakman, Howard Tayler, Sandra Tayler, Dan Wells, Robison Wells, Kiersten White, John C. Wright, Sara Zarr
Editor(s): Brandon Sanderson, Dan Wells, Robison Wells
Cover Artist: Robison Wells
Interior Artist(s): Robison Wells
Language: English
Publisher: Fearful Symmetry
Published: December 2014
ISBN-10: none
ISBN-13: none
Notes: There are a number of essays included in this book, though not all are listed below. You can see the full index here.
   “Foreword” by Ally Condie
   “Introduction” by Dan Wells
   “Ravenous” by Shannon Hale
   “Third-Person Draft Chapter from Incryptid” by Seanan McGuire
   “Deleted Scene from Valour and Vanity” by Mary Robinette Kowal
   “Playing Cards with the Corley” by Jessica Day George
   “No. I’m Fine” essay by Howard Tayler
   “Married to Depression” essay by Sandra Tayler
   “Aftermath: Deleted Epilogue from The Lost Saint” by Bree Despain
   “Haden: Alternative First Chapter from Into the Dark: The Shadow Prince” by Bree Despain
   “Sections from the First Draft of Pandemonium” by Lauren Oliver
   “Notes from a Depressed Humor Writer as She Works on Her Humorous Book About Depression” essay by Jacqueline Novak
   “Deleted Scene from Swords of Exodus” by Larry Correia and Mike Kupari
   “Unused Chapter from The Dark Thorn” by Shawn Speakman
   “Excerpt from Song for Anna” by Annette Lyon
   “Original Chapter One from Vortex” by S.J. Kincaid
   “Early Chapters from Farworld” by J. Scott Savage
   “Supernova: Epilogue to Feedback” by Robison Wells
   “Free-Write Prologue to I am Not a Serial Killer” by Dan Wells
   “Seeing Red” by Luisa Perkins
   “Marie: Bonus Chapter from Beauty and the Clockwork Beast” by Nancy Campbell Allen
   “Family Portrait at the Kensington Manor Hotel” by Sara Zarr
   “Three Stories from the World of Wings” by Aprilynne Pike
   “Womb” by Kiersten White
   “The First Three Chapters of The Echo Lives in Blackfoot” by Brodi Ashton
   “Book 8, Which Became Tres Leches Cupcake” by Josi Kilpack
   “Oracular Interviews: Bonus Excerpts from Beyonders Book 2” by Brandon Mull
   “Deleted Scene from Becoming Lady Lockwood” by Jennifer Moore
   “Farewells: From Longing for Home and Hope Springs” by Sarah M. Eden
   “Prewriting from the Taken Trilogy” by Erin Bowman
   “Lunar Sacrament of Concilation” by John C. Wright
   “Station 47: Deleted Chapter from A Thousand Pieces of You” by Claudia Gray
   “Deleted Scenes from the 2002 Version of The Way of Kings” by Brandon Sanderson

Ages of Wonder – edited by Julie E. Czerneda and Rob St. Martin

Title: Ages of Wonder
Author(s): Kristen Bonn, Brad Carson, Jennifer Crow, Linda Davis, Urania Fung, K.J. Gould, Costi Gurgu, Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Liz Holliday, Natalie Millman, Jana Paniccia, Tony Pi, Elizabeth Ann Scarborough, Karina Sumner-Smith, Caitlin Sweet, Sandra Tayler, Queenie Tyrone, Ika Vanderkoeck, Ceri Young
Editor(s): Julie E. Czerneda, Rob St. Martin
Cover Artist: n/a
Language: English
Publisher: Daw Books
Published: March 2009
ISBN-10: 0756405432
ISBN-13: 9780756405434
   “The Curse Tablet” by Nina Kiriki Hoffman
   “To Play the Game of Men” by Caitlin Sweet
   “Mist Wraith” by Urania Fung
   “Written in Smoke” by Karina Sumner-Smith
   “Cloud Above Water” by Natalie Millman
   “Crossing the Waters” by Ika Vanderkoeck
   “Here There Be Monsters” by Brad Carson
   “A Swift Changing Course” by Jana Paniccia
   “Blood and Soil” by Ceri Young
   “Fletcher’s Ghost” by Liz Holliday
   “Immigrant” by Sandra Tayler
   “A Small Sacrifice” by Kristen Bonn
   “Pony Up” by Linda Davis
   “Gold at the End of the Railroad” by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough
   “The Stone Orrery” by Jennifer Crow
   “Sphinx!” by Tony Pi
   “A Bird in the Hand” by Queenie Tyrone
   “Mars Bound” by K.J. Gould
   “Angels and Moths” by Costi Gurgu