Masters of Fantasy – edited by Terry Carr and Martin H. Greenberg

Title: Masters of Fantasy
Author(s): Michael Bishop, James Blish, Robert Bloch, Anthony Boucher, Ray Bradbury, Fredric Brown, John Collier, Avram Davidson, Thomas M. Disch, Harlan Ellison, Philip José Farmer, H.L. Gold, Robert A. Heinlein, Zenna Henderson, Shirley Jackson, C.M. Kornbluth, Henry Kuttner, R.A. Lafferty, Fritz Leiber, H.P. Lovecraft, A. Merritt, C.L. Moore, Keith Roberts, Joanna Russ, Eric Frank Russell, Clark Ashton Smith, Theodore Sturgeon, Jack Vance, Manly Wade Wellman, Donald A. Wollheim, Roger Zelazny
Editor(s): Terry Carr, Martin H. Greenberg
Cover Artist: Henri Rousseau
Language: English
Publisher: Galahad Books
Published: August 1992
ISBN-10: 0883657864
ISBN-13: 9780883657867
Notes: Martin H. Greenberg is listed as “Martin Harry Greenberg” on the cover and inside the book.
   “The Rats in the Walls” by H.P. Lovecraft
   “The Woman of the Wood” by A. Merritt
   “Trouble with Water” by H.L. Gold
   “Thirteen O’Clock” by C.M. Kornbluth
   “The Coming of the White Worm” by Clark Ashton Smith
   “Yesterday Was Monday” by Theodore Sturgeon
   “They Bite” by Anthony Boucher
   “Call Him Demon” by Henry Kuttner
   “Daemon” by C.L. Moore
   “The Black Ferris” by Ray Bradbury
   “Displaced Person” by Eric Frank Russell
   “Our Fair City” by Robert A. Heinlein
   “Come and Go Mad” by Fredric Brown
   “There Shall Be No Darkness” by James Blish
   “The Loom of Darkness” by Jack Vance
   “The Rag Thing” by Donald A. Wollheim
   “Sail On! Sail On!” by Philip José Farmer
   “One Ordinary Day, with Peanuts” by Shirley Jackson
   “That Hell-Bound Train” by Robert Bloch
   “Nine Yards of Other Cloth” by Manly Wade Wellman
   “The Montavarde Camera” by Avram Davidson
   “Man Overboard” by John Collier
   “My Dear Emily” by Joanna Russ
   “Descending” by Thomas M. Disch
   “Four Ghosts in Hamlet” by Fritz Leiber
   “Divine Madness” by Roger Zelazny
   “Narrow Valley” by R.A. Lafferty
   “Timothy” by Keith Roberts
   “Through a Glass—Darkly” by Zenna Henderson
   “Jeffty Is Five” by Harlan Ellison
   “Within the Walls of Tyre” by Michael Bishop

LDSF 2 – Latter-day Science Fiction – edited by Benjamin Urrutia

Title: LDSF 2 – Latter-day Science Fiction
Series: LDSF
Number in Series: 2 (two)
Author(s): Michael R. Collings, Avram Davidson, Philip José Farmer, Cynthia Goldstone, Merle H. Graffam, Yusuf Haddad, Christophilos Hagios, Rudyard Kipling, Addie Lacoe, Erudil Menashy, Wayne Mykals, Peter C. Nadig, Hugh W. Nibley, William W. Phelps, Parley P. Pratt, D. William Shunn, Scott S. Smith, Robert Louis Stevenson, Sandy Straubhaar, John A. Tvedtnes, Benjamin Urrutia, Jack Weyland, author unknown
Editor(s): Benjamin Urrutia
Cover Artist: n/a
Language: English
Publisher: Parables
Published: 1985
ISBN-10: 0961496010
ISBN-13: 9780961496015
Notes: ISBN on the back cover and on the copyright page is”09611496002″, which is invalid as it’s one digit too long. The correct ISBN is listed above.
   “Introduction: Science Fiction and the Gospel” by Hugh W. Nibley
   “Pebble in Time” by Avram Davidson and Cynthia Goldstone
   “Something in It” by Robert Louis Stevenson
   “Joseph Smith’s Dialogue With the Devil” by Parley P. Pratt
   “A Glimpse of the Millennium” by unknown
   “Haun-ting” by Addie Lacoe
   “The Grave of the King” by Yusuf Haddad
   “The Interrogation” by unknown
   “Stowaway” by Merle H. Graffam
   “Toward the Beloved City” by Philip José Farmer
   “Millennial End” by Addie Lacoe
   “Parables of the World: The Talents; The Two Sons; Pearls Before Swine; The King, the Princess and the Books” by Erudil Menashy
   “Heinlein and the Latter-day Saints” by Benjamin Urrutia
   “The Light of Eden” by Benjamin Urrutia
   “Ad Astra Per Fidem” (poem) by Michael R. Collings
   “If You Could Hie to Kolob” (poem) by William W. Phelps
   “More Extraterrestials: Review of ‘Strategie der Gotter, Das Acte Weltwunder’ by Erich von Daniken” by Peter C. Nadig
   “The Children of Michael” by Scott S. Smith
   “Religous Themes in American Science Fiction” by John A. Tvedtnes
   “The Theology of Battlestar Galactica” by John A. Tvedtnes
   “Reviews: The Force That Can Be Explained is Not the True Force; The Dark Side of the Force; He Who Dies But Does Not Perish, The Same Has Everlasting Life” by Benjamin Urrutia
   “The Management Switches Over to Plan B” by Sandy Straubhaar
   “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” by Jack Weyland
   “Cut Without Hands” by William Shunn
   “The Late Twentieth Century” by Christophilos Hagios
   “The Conversion of Aurelian McGoggin” by Rudyard Kipling
   “A Midsummer Morning’s Nightmare” by Wayne Mykals