Far Orbit – edited by Bascomb James

"Far Orbit" edited by Bascomb James.

“Far Orbit” edited by Bascomb James.

Title: Far Orbit
Series: Far Orbit
Number in Series: 1 (one)
Author(s): Gregory Benford, Tracy Canfield, Eric Choi, Barbara Davies, Jakob Drud, Julie Frost, David Wesley Hill, K.G. Jewell, Sam S. Kepfield, Kat Otis, Jonathan Shipley, Wendy Sparrow, Peter Wood
Editor(s): Bascomb James
Cover Artist: NASA (NASA/JPL-Caltech)
Language: English
Publisher: World Weaver Press
Published: January 2014
ISBN-10: 0615959245
ISBN-13: 9780615959245
   “Open for Business” by Sam S. Kepfield
   “Composition in Death Minor” by K.G. Jewell
   “Spaceman Barbecue” by Peter Wood
   “Obsidianite” by Kat Otis
   “Starship Down” by Tracy Canfield
   “Backscatter” by Gregory Benford
   “A Game of Hold’em” by Wendy Sparrow
   “From a Stone” by Eric Choi
   “Charnelhouse” by Jonathan Shipley
   “Bear Essentials” by Julie Frost
   “The Vringla/Racket Incident” by Jakob Drud
   “A Trip to Lagasy” by Barbara Davies
   “Saturn Slingshot” by David Wesley Hill

Spark – A Creative Anthology – Volume I – edited by Brian Lewis

"Spark: A Creative Anthology Volume I" edited by Brian Lewis.

“Spark: A Creative Anthology Volume I” edited by Brian Lewis.

Title: Spark: A Creative Anthology, Volume I, April-May 2013
Series: Spark (anthology series)
Number in Series: 1 (one)
Author(s): Kaitlin Branch, Valentina Cano, Kari Castor, Margaret Dilloway, Diana Fu, Traci L Gourdine, Linda G Hatton, Alexis A. Hunter, Michael Lee Johnson, Svetlana Kortchik, Matt Lancaster, D. Laserbeam, Hunter Legore, J. Lewis, Darrell Lindsey, Melana Plains, Brian Reeves, Stone Showers, Katie Stephens, Todd Walton, Scott Warrender, George Wells, Hannah Weverka, Peter Wood
Editor(s): Brian Lewis
Cover Artist: Aaron John Gregory
Interior Artist(s): Paul Pederson
Language: English
Publisher: Empire & Great Jones Little Press
Published: April 2013
ISBN-10: 0988807211
ISBN-13: 9780988807211
   “Introduction” by Traci L Gourdine
   “Momentary Forgiveness” by Hunter Legore
   “Tanka” poem by Darrell Lindsey
   “Ever Since I’ve Seen Your Face” by Margaret Dilloway
   “Last Rites” by George Wells
   “Surgical Mass” poem by J. Lewis
   “Becoming” poem by Linda G Hatton
   “Faceless” by Katie Stephens
   “Not a Worry, My Lord” poem by Melana Plains
   “By the Gun” by Alexis A. Hunter
   “Five Hundred” by D. Laserbeam
   “Forget Me Not” by Svetlana Kortchik
   “Moon Sleep” poem by Michael Lee Johnson
   “Going After Nathan” by Todd Walton
   “Gingerbread Towns” by Hannah Weverka
   “Old Age” poem by Matt Lancaster
   “Her Fruitful Shore” by Brian Reeves
   “Image of a Treasure, as a Negative” poem by Valentina Cano
   “His Smile Fixed in Time” by Stone Showers
   “Jael Stands Trial for Murder” poem by Kari Castor
   “Confession” poem by Diana Fu
   “The Littleness of Susan Brauer” by Scott Warrender
   “The Fig Tree” by Peter Wood
   “One Cog Short of Paradise” by Kaitlin Branch