Fantastic Worlds – A Fantasy Anthology

"Fantastic Worlds: A Fantasy Anthology".

“Fantastic Worlds: A Fantasy Anthology”.

Title: Fantastic Worlds – A Fantasy Anthology
Editor(s): unknown
Cover Artist: unknown
Language: English
Publisher: Future House Publishing
Published: October 2016
ISBN-10: 1944452532
ISBN-13: 9781944452537
Notes: No editor credit is given anywhere in the book.
   “Little Magicks” by Christie Golden
   “The Taler’s Truth” (Tales of Zo) by Michaelbrent Collings
   “The Thornclaw Forest” (Iron Dragon) by Paul Genesse
   “We Called the Dragon” by Jacob Gowans
   “Waves” (Etherwalker) by Cameron Dayton
   “Twins” (Sands) by Kevin L. Nielson
   “The Presence” by Michael Moreci
   “Lucky Day” (Got Luck) by Michael Darling
   “Trapped” (Granted) by Michelle Merrill
   “Reflexio: Before Ama’s Watch” (Ama’s Watch) by Zachary James
   Crude Magic” (The Hunger) by Michael D. Young
   “The Frog’s Princess” (The Stone Bearers) by Jacque Stevens

Shared Nightmares – edited by Steven Diamond and Nathan Shumate

"Shared Nightmares" edited by Steven Diamond and Nathan Shumate.

“Shared Nightmares” edited by Steven Diamond and Nathan Shumate.

Title: Shared Nightmares
Author(s): Marie Brennan, D.J. Butler, Michaelbrent Collings, Larry Correia, Steven Diamond, Paul Genesse, Max Gladstone, Sarah Hoyt, Tom Lloyd, Peter Orullian, Howard Tayler, Dan Wells
Editor(s): Steven Diamond, Nathan Shumate
Cover Artist: Dan Verkys
Language: English
Publisher: Cold Fusion Media
Published: November 2014
ISBN-10: 0692342702
ISBN-13: 9780692342701
   “Father’s Day” by Larry Correia
   “Dreamcatcher” by Sarah Hoyt
   “Incubation” by D.J. Butler
   “The Devil On My Shoulder” by Tom Lloyd
   “Onnen” by Paul Genesse
   “To Dream Awake, to Sleep the Real” by Michaelbrent Collings
   “What Hellhounds Dream” by Steven Diamond
   “The Damnation of St. Teresa of Ávila” by Marie Brennan
   “Man in the Middle” by Max Gladstone
   “U.I.” by Howard Tayler
   “The Quality of Light is Not Strain’d” by Peter Orullian
   “Health and Wellness” by Dan Wells

Space Eldritch II – The Haunted Stars – edited by Nathan Shumate

"Space Eldritch II: The Haunted Stars" edited by Nathan Shumate.

“Space Eldritch II: The Haunted Stars” edited by Nathan Shumate.

Title: Space Eldritch II: The Haunted Stars
Series: Space Eldritch
Number in Series: 2 (two)
Author(s): D.J. Butler, Michael R. Collings, Michaelbrent Collings, Larry Correia, Robert J Defendi, Steven Diamond, Steven L. Peck, Nathan Shumate, Eric James Stone, Howard Tayler, David J. West
Editor(s): Nathan Shumate
Cover Artist: Carter Reid
Language: English
Publisher: Cold Fusion Media
Published: November 2013
ISBN-10: 061591859X
ISBN-13: 9780615918594
   “Darklight Call’d on the Long Last Night of the Soul” by Michaelbrent Collings
   “Dead Waits Dreaming” by Larry Correia
   “The Implant” by Robert J Defendi
   “Plague Ship” by Steven L. Peck
   “From Within the Walls” by Steven Diamond
   “Space Opera: Episode Two—The Great Old One Strikes Back” by Michael R. Collings
   “The Queen in Shadow” by David J. West
   “The Humans in the Walls” by Eric James Stone
   “Seed” by D.J. Butler
   “Full Dark” by Nathan Shumate
   “Fall of the Runewrought” by Howard Tayler