One Horn to Rule Them All – A Purple Unicorn Anthology – edited by Lisa Mangum

"One Horn to Rule Them All" edited by Lisa Mangum.

“One Horn to Rule Them All” edited by Lisa Mangum.

Title: One Horn to Rule Them All – A Purple Unicorn Anthology
Series: Unicorn anthologies
Number in Series: 1 (one)
Author(s): Quincy J. Allen, Kevin J. Anderson, Nathan Barra, Peter S. Beagle, Lou J. Berger, Colette Black, Ezekiel James Boston, Nathan Dodge, Sharon Dodge, Scott Eder, Jeanette Gonzalez, Megan Grey, Kristin Luna, Gama Ray Martinez, Todd J. McCaffrey, Robert J. McCarter, Jody Lynn Nye, John D. Payne, Mary Pletsch, Mark Ryan
Editor(s): Lisa Mangum
Cover Artist: James A. Owen
Language: English
Publisher: WordFire Press
Published: August 2014
ISBN-10: 1614751927
ISBN-13: 9781614751922
   “Introduction” by Kevin J. Anderson
   “Rhubarb and Beets” by Todd J. McCaffrey
   “Purple Is the New Black” by Jody Lynn Nye
   “A Single Spark” by Mary Pletsch
   “Best of All Possible Worlds” by John D. Payne
   “Korgak’s Daily Schedule” by Jeanette Gonzalez
   “Dead Friends and New Horses” by Sharon Dodge
   “The Godfairy” by Quincy J. Allen
   “The Faerie Journal” by Megan Grey
   “The Greggs Family Zoo of Odd and Marvelous Creatures” by Kristin Luna
   “Menagerie Violette” by Colette Black
   “The Unicorn Prince” by Gama Ray Martinez
   “The Girl with the Artist’s Eyes” by Nathan Barra
   “Conner Bright and the Case of the Purple Unicorn” by Robert J. McCarter
   “My Hero” by Mark Ryan
   “Of Unicorns and Pie” by Nathan Dodge and Sharon Dodge
   “Gateway Blood” by Ezekiel James Boston
   “The Monoceros” by Lou J. Berger
   “The Last Dregs of Winter” by Scott Eder
   “Professor Gottesman and the Indian Rhinoceros” by Peter S. Beagle
   “Red Roses” by Todd J. McCaffrey

Sibyl’s Scriptorium Volume 1 – edited by Ryan Anderson, Jenna Eatough, and Heidi Grover

"Sibyl's Scriptorium Volume 1".

“Sibyl’s Scriptorium Volume 1”.

Title: Sibyl’s Scriptorium Volume 1
Series: Sibyl’s Scriptorium
Number in Series: 1 (one)
Author(s): Nichole Eck, Megan Grey, Bonnie R. Jensen, Mary W. Jensen, Michele Johnson, Avery Kenison, Anneka Winder
Editor(s): Ryan Anderson, Jenna Eatough, Heidi Grover
Cover Artist: James A. Owen
Interior Artist(s): Amie Ballamis, Syd Denise, E.D. Kerr
Publisher: Sibyl’s Scriptorium
Published: January 2014
ISBN-10: 1494992914
ISBN-13: 9781494992910
Catalog Number: FOR OLDER BOOKS
   “Automatons and Other Things I’ve Cataloged at Sea” poem by Anneka Winder
   “Window” poem by Mary W. Jensen
   “Fashtonella” by Mary R. Payne
   “The Dragon Law” by Avery Kenison
   “How to Dissolve a Monarchy with a Ghost Named Bucky” by Anneka Winder
   “Butterflies and Rotting Roses” by Megan Grey
   “Where the Action Is” by Bonnie R. Jensen
   “Life Beyond the Ring” by Michele Johnson
   “The Baptism” by Nichole Eck