The Leading Edge – A Magazine of Science Fiction & Fantasy 3 – edited by Michael W. Reed

Title: The Leading Edge – A Magazine of Science Fiction & Fantasy 3
Series: Leading Edge
Number in Series: 3 (three)
Author(s): David M. Bastian, Shayne Bell, Ron Blankenship, Cara Bullinger, Dave Doering, Melva Gifford, Peter Haymond, Todd Hestor, Barbara R. Hume, Tony Markham, Lorin Patterson, Sonja Porter, Michael W. Reed, Julia Sayers, Romann Schreiber, Diann Thornley, TLE Staff
Editor(s): Michael W. Reed
Cover Artist: Steven Keele
Interior Artist(s): Sharon Barwick, Joe Flores, Alfonso Juarez, Kris Keele, Steven Keele, Carol Lind, Tony Markham, Michelle Miller, Wilson Ong, Frank Paur
Language: English
Publisher: The Leading Edge
Published: 1982
Notes: There are no dates in the magazine, all the art is dated 1982, so used that. Staff list:
Staff List:
   Advisors: Prof. Marion K. Smith, Dr. Zane Alder
   Managing Editor: Michael W. Reed
   Fiction Editor: Shayne Bell
   Associate Editors: Cara Bullinger, Sonja Porter, Barbara R. Hume
   Art Director: Steven Keele
   Assistant Art Director: Sharon Barwick
   Budget Director: Dave Doering
   Production Manager: Tony Markham
   Publicity Director: Rayda Reed
   Executive Secretary: Lareena Smith
   Assistant Executive Secretary: Melva Gifford
   “Editor’s Page” by Michael W. Reed
   “Approaching the Edge: Horizons: Interview with Ben Bova” by Dave Doering
   “A Hearth on Terra: Part II” by Barbara R. Hume
   “Green Forest Mist” poem by Cara Bullinger
   “Enterlopy” by Tony Markham
   “Hairkidykidy” by David M. Bastian
   “Ultimate Video” by Peter Haymond
   “Shadow of Hope” by Melva Gifford
   “View from the Edge: Flavors of the Sun” by Ron Blankenship
   “Legend” poem by Julia Sayers
   “Rachel” by Shayne Bell
   “Recommended Reading List” by TLE Staff
   “Clinging to the Edge: SF as Art” by Michael W. Reed
   “With Friends Like You” by Lorin Patterson
   “The Vorpal Blade Went Snicker-Snack” by Todd Hestor
   “Of Knights, Ladies, and Dragons” poem by Romann Schreiber
   “Cosmic Root” by Diann Thornley
   “Over the Edge: Interview with “Doc” (Marion K.) Smith” by Sonja Porter and Barbara R. Hume