Jonathan Langford – Memories

"Jonathan Langford - Memories"

“Jonathan Langford – Memories”

Title: Jonathan Langford – Memories
Author(s): Lee Allred, David Beard, Kathryn Dean, Michelle Hamby, Janet Hanson, Nancy Hayes, Michele Eatough Jones, Robert Jones, Laurel Langford, Nathan Langford, Sheila Langford, Zac Malm, Marilyn McNaughton, William Morris, Laura Nielsen, Steven L. Peck, Marilene Phipps-Kettlewell, Tom Rogers, Brandon Searle, Kimberley Searle, Steve Setzer, Alyson Shapiro, Kathryn Summers, Sally Taylor, Bob Tobin, Todd Thompson, Aaron Waugh, Chris Waugh, Nancy Waugh, Ian Williams, Lesley Williams, Tristan Williams
Editor(s): Nathan Langford, Sheila Langford
Language: English
Published: April 2017
ISBN-10: none
ISBN-13: none
Notes: Memories of Jonathan Langford, 5 January 1962 – 31 March 2017

The Leading Edge Magazine of Science Fiction & Fantasy 7 – edited by David Doering and Robert A. Steimle

Title: The Leading Edge Magazine of Science Fiction & Fantasy 7
Series: Leading Edge
Number in Series: 7 (seven)
Author(s): M. Shayne Bell, Ron Blankenship, Doug Campbell, David Doering, Mel. L. Gifford, Nancy Lynn Hayes, Barbara R. Hume, Jonathan Langford, Alan D. Manning, Kristy Merrill, Mandy Nakommen, David Orr, Rayda Reed, Lareena Smith, Marion K. Smith, P. Karen Todd, Stephen C. Walker, James Watson
Editor(s): David Doering, Robert A. Steimle
Cover Artist: David Bastian
Interior Artist(s): David Michael Bastian, Brian Bird, Steve Keele, Don Maitz, Jeff Poffenberger, Ron Shirtz, Nancy Tanner, James Watson
Language: English
Publisher: Quark – The Science and Fiction Club
Published: 1984
Notes: No publication date given in issue, year obtained from dated art and theme of issue (“1984”).
Staff List:
   Executive Editor: David Doering
   Managing Editor: Robert A. Steimle
   Assistant Editor: Jonathan D. Langford
   Fiction Editor: Mel. L. Gifford
   Nonfiction Editor: Amelia L. McClure
   Art Director: James Watson
   Marketing Director: Jerry Loomis
   Associate Editor: Nancy Lynn Hayes
   Technical Advisor: M. Shayne Bell
   Art Staff: David Bastian, Brian Bird, Steven Keele, Jeff Poffenberger, Ron Shirtz, Nancy A. Tanner
   Staff: Ronald W. Blankenship, Tom Grover, Vicki Brinkmeier, Peter Haymond, Mariann Howarth, Barbara Hume, Carolyn Larsen, Christian Larsen, LuAnn Mason, Jerrie Morrow, Connie Rush, Jim L. Sather, Cindy Skinner, Lareena Smith, Kathryn Summers, Nancy A. Tanner, Keri Webb, David Wilson
   Special Thanks to: Elizabeth Pope, Susan Ream, Marion Smith, Marjorie Wright, Linda Hunter Adams
   “Driven to the Edge: Editor’s Page” by David Doering
   “Rocksong” by Rayda Reed
   “Approaching the Edge: Significance of Sound in Names Found in Fantasy Literature” by Alan D. Manning
   “Hard Knocks” by Lareena Smith and Ron Blankenship
   “To Prove the Warrior” by Mel. L. Gifford
   “The White Flash” by Kristy Merrill
   “Visions of the Edge: An Interview with Don Maitz” by David Doering
   “Chef’s Choice” by Barbara R. Hume
   “The Token” by Mandy Nakommen
   “Standard Procedure” by James Watson
   “View from the Edge I: The I. R. S. as Big Brother: ‘1984’ in 1984” by Stephen C. Walker
   “The Test” by P. Karen Todd
   “View from the Edge II: ‘1984’ as Preventative Prophecy” by Marion K. Smith
   “Dark Between the Stars” by M. Shayne Bell
   “Home 2180 a.d.” by Jonathan Langford
   “Shadow Walker” by M. Shayne Bell, Nancy Lynn Hayes, Jonathan Langford, and Lareena Smith
   “Over the Edge: Science and Sorcerers: A Casual Look at Role- (Roll-) Playing” by David Orr
   “The Book of God” by Doug Campbell