A Kiss Is Still a Kiss – edited by Virginia Smith

"A Kiss Is Still a Kiss" edited by Virginia Smith.

“A Kiss Is Still a Kiss” edited by Virginia Smith.

Title: A Kiss Is Still a Kiss
Author(s): Amy Barkman, Crystal Barnes, Jan Brand, Angela K. Couch, John H. Dromey, Kathleen Fuller, Eva Maria Hamilton, Patricia Iacuzzi, Mary Laufer, Gail Gaymer Martin, MaKayla Martinez, Sarah Monzon, Scott R. Parkin, Bethany Rae, Deborah Raney, Kylara Silvers, Laura Ware, Jan Davis Warren, Deb Wuethrich, Anna Zogg
Editor(s): Virginia Smith
Cover Artist: n/a
Language: English
Publisher: Next Step Books
Published: October 2015
ISBN-10: 1937671259
ISBN-13: 9781937671259
   “Going Once, Going Twice” by Deborah Raney
   “Let’s Make a Deal” by Crystal Barnes
   “A Kiss in Time” by Amy Barkman
   “Carousel Kisses” by Sarah Monzon
   “Static” by Mary Laufer
   “Common Ground” by Laura Ware
   “The Fountain” by Patricia Iacuzzi
   “Factor X” by Jan Davis Warren
   “Shackled” by Angela K. Couch
   “Looking for Love—and the Scissors” by Gail Gaymer Martin
   “Choosing Sides” by John H. Dromey
   “Zoo Day Mystery” by Jan Davis Warren
   “A Weekend Blast” by Anna Zogg
   “Disinherited Love” by Eva Maria Hamilton
   “Not My Boyfriend” by Deb Wuethrich
   “Within Limits” by Scott R. Parkin
   “Remember This” by Kylara Silvers
   “His Sister’s Keeper” by Bethany Rae
   “Always and Forever” by Jan Brand
   “Opposites Attract” by MaKayla Martinez
   “Sweeter than Strawberry Jam” by Anna Zogg
   “Love’s True Kiss” by Kathleen Fuller