Little Green Men—Attack! – edited by Robin Wayne Bailey and Bryan Thomas Schmidt

"Little Green Men - Attack" edited by Robin Wayne Bailey and Bryan Thomas Schmidt.

“Little Green Men – Attack” edited by Robin Wayne Bailey and Bryan Thomas Schmidt.

Title: Little Green Men—Attack!
Editor(s): Robin Wayne Bailey, Bryan Thomas Schmidt
Cover Artist: Dominic Harman
Language: English
Publisher: Baen Books
Published: March 2017
ISBN-10: 147678213X
ISBN-13: 9781476782133
   “The Little Green Men Take Their Hideous Vengeance, Sort of” by Mike Resnick
   “Little (Green) Women” by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
   “Good Neighbor Policy” by Dantzel Cherry
   “Stuck in Buenos Aires with Bob Dylan on My Mind” by Ken Scholes
   “Rule the World” by Jody Lynn Nye
   “School Colors” by Seanan McGuire
   “Meet the Landlord” by Martin L. Shoemaker
   “Big White Men—Attack!” by Steven H. Silver
   “The Green, Green Men of Home” by Selina Rosen
   “A Fine Night for Tea and Bludgeoning” by Beth L. Cato
   “The Game-a-holic’s Guide to Life, Love, and Ruling the World” by Peter J. Wacks and Josh Vogt
   “Day of the Bookworm” by Allen M. Steele
   “A Greener Future” by Elizabeth Moon
   “A Cuppa, Cuppa Burnin’ Love” by Esther M. Friesner
   “Little Green Guys” by K.C. Ball
   “The March of the Little Green Men” by James E. Gunn
   “First Million Contacts” by Bryan Thomas Schmidt and Alex Shvartsman
   “Hannibal’s Elephants” by Robert Silverberg
   “The Fine Art of Politics” by Robin Wayne Bailey

A Game of Horns – A Red Unicorn Anthology – edited by Lisa Mangum

Title: A Game of Horns – A Red Unicorn Anthology
Series: Unicorn anthologies
Number in Series: 2 (two)
Author(s): see below
Editor(s): Lisa Mangum
Cover Artist: James A. Owen
Language: English
Publisher: WordFire Press
Published: September 2015
ISBN-10: 1234567890
ISBN-13: 9781614753520
   “When Did Unicorns Turn Red?” by Rebecca Moesta
   “M.Y.T.H. Rule” by Jody Lynn Nye
   “Killing Zombies in Rural America: A Survival Guide by Doug and Cecelia” by Kristin Luna
   “The Dark Ambition of Oswald March” by Tristan Brand
   “The Old Gray Mare” by John D. Payne
   “Now I See You” by Joy Dawn Johnson
   “Scrapyard Paradise” by Brandon M. Lindsay
   “Vodka Dreams” by Nancy DiMauro
   “The Fall of Winter” by Scott Eder
   “Customer Hotline” by Josh Vogt
   “The Sharpest Horn” by Travis Heermann
   “The Setting Sun” by Victoria D. Morris
   “The Whole of Me” by Gregory D. Little
   “Odin’s Eye” by Frank Morin
   “Queen of the Hidden Way” by Mary Pletsch
   “The Red Unicorn Candy Store” by Katie Cross
   “Vengeance for Dinner” by Emily Godhand and J.S. Bennett
   “The Trade” by Raphyel M. Jordan
   “His Most Violent Friend” by Gregory D. Little
   “Laura’s Magic Clock” by Robert J. McCarter
   “The Correlation Effect” by Nancy DiMauro
   “Feeding the Feral Children” by David Farland