The Leading Edge: The Magazine of Science Fiction & Fantasy 6 – edited by David Doering

Title: The Leading Edge: The Magazine of Science Fiction & Fantasy 6
Series: Leading Edge
Number in Series: 6 (six)
Author(s): Virginia E. Baker, David M. Bastian, M. Shayne Bell, Dan L. Burke, David Doering, Mel. L. Gifford, Nancy Lynn Hayes, Barbara R. Hume, Carolyn Nicita, Amy Parker, Bill Schuler, Lareena Smith, Diann Thornley, Burdean R. Wirtz
Editor(s): David Doering
Cover Artist: James Christensen
Interior Artist(s): David Bastian, James Christensen, Joe Flores, Steven Keele, Laurelle, Leslie Perdew, James Watson
Language: English
Publisher: The Leading Edge
Published: 1984
Staff List:
   Publisher: Lareena Smith
   Executive Editor: David Doering
   Executive Secretary: Jonathan Langford
   Fiction Editor: Mel L. Gifford
   Nonfiction Editor: Helen Orr
   Poetry Editor: Robert A. Steimle
   Art Director: James Watson
   Production Editor: M. Shayne Bell
   Associate Editors: Virginia E. Baker, M. Shayne Bell, Nancy Lynn Hayes, Barbara Hume, Jonathan Langford, Lareena Smith
   Art Staff: David Bastian, Joe Flores, Steven Keele, Leslie Perdew
   Staff: Vicki Brinkmeier, Karen Ellis, Peter Haymond, Carolyn Larsen, Christian Larsen, LuAnn Mason, Jerrie Morrow, David Orr, Amy Parker, Cindy Skinner, Bill Schuler, Nancy Tanner
   Editors Emeritus: Cara Bullinger, Sonja Porter, Michael W. Reed, Rayda Reed
   Special Thanks to: Elizabeth Pope, Susan Ream, Marion Smith, Marjorie Wright
   “Driven to the Edge: Editor’s Page” by David Doering
   “Midnight Mandate” poem by Burdean R. Wirtz
   “Truth or Consequences” by Barbara R. Hume
   “Approaching the Edge: Kindly in the Mirror: An Interview with Dean Ing” by Amy Parker
   “Eye Hath Not Seen” by Carolyn Nicita
   “A Witch’s Christmas” by Michael Shayne Bell
   “Changeling Soul” poem by Virginia E. Baker
   “Loyalty” by Nancy Lynn Hayes
   “Visions of the Edge: Painting That Crazy Stuff: An Interview with James Christensen” by David Doering
   “Arrow’s Song” by Mel. L. Gifford
   “Sunfinder” by Lareena Smith
   “Wizard’s Wine” by Dan L. Burke
   “View from the Edge: A Strange New Speech: Two Gorillas and Language” by M. Shayne Bell
   “The Screw-up Letters or Snodgrass, Why Weepest Thou?” by David Michael Bastian
   “The Distant Legacy” by Diann Thornley
   “Over the Edge: Point / Counterpoint: Two Reviews of ‘The Alliance’ by Gerald N. Lund” by Bill Schuler and Barbara R. Hume