The Leading Edge Magazine of Science Fiction and Fantasy 12 – edited by Karl F. Batdorff and Chris Halladay

Title: The Leading Edge Magazine of Science Fiction and Fantasy 12
Series: Leading Edge
Number in Series: 12 (twelve)
Author(s): April Allgaier, Glenn L. Anderson, Karl F. Batdorff, M. Shayne Bell, Charlene Carlisle, Sharon Deem, Dave Doering, Colleen Drippé, Mel L. Gifford, B. Kent Harrison, Howard V. Hendrix, Robert Kirby, Jonathan D. Langford, Per A. Malm, Julia L. Taylor, Sharon Wilson
Editor(s): Karl F. Batdorff, Chris Halladay
Cover Artist: Dave Bastian
Interior Artist(s): Alicia Brimhall, Elaine Grey, Shareen Halliday, Edward Liebing, Eddy Mueller, David A. Murry, Valerie Reese, John Utykanski, Sharon Wilson
Language: English
Publisher: Quark: The Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy
Published: 1986
Staff List:
   Executive Editor: Karl F. Batdorff
   Managing Editor: Chris Halladay
   Assistant Editor: James Wilson
   Executive Secretary: Joseph Wager
   Editing Director: Jonathan D. Langford
   Fiction Director: Edward Liebing
   Nonfiction Director: April Allgaier
   Art Director: Shareen D. Halliday
   Marketing Director: Jennilyn Babcock
   Associate Editors: Charlene Carlisle, David Doering, Mel L. Gifford
   Staff: Ole Anderson, Colleen Aston, Cathy Errickson, Tom Grover, Douglas Jole, Keith Kennedy, John Landbeck, Per Malm, Kristy Merrill, Dale Stephenson, Julia Taylor, Tovia Tracy, Rick Utykanski, Deborah Wager, Keri Webb, David Wolverton
   Special Thanks to: Linda Hunter Adams, Elizabeth Pope, Susan Ream, Marion K. Smith, Marjorie Wight
   “Driven to the Edge: Editor’s Page” by Karl F. Batdorff
   “Chipping at the Edge: Letters to the Editor” by Sharon Deem, Dave Doering, and Per A. Malm
   “Run Fast, Rat Mother” by Glenn L. Anderson
   “Approaching the Edge: From the Big Bang to Superstrings to Nuclear Fusion” by B. Kent Harrison
   “Rasta Man” by Howard V. Hendrix
   “Saguaro” by Robert Kirby
   “The Dawntower” poem by Charlene Carlisle
   “And the Stars Are Old (Part 1 of 2)” by M. Shayne Bell
   “A View from the Edge: Report from Confederation” by Jonathan D. Langford
   “Tabby” by Colleen Drippé
   “Over the Edge: Reflection on Twenty Years of Star Trek” by Julia L. Taylor
   “Mandy” by April Allgaier
   “Magician’s Retreat” by Sharon Wilson
   “Take Out the Trash” by Mel L. Gifford

The Leading Edge Magazine of Science Fiction & Fantasy 8 – edited by David Doering and Jonathan D. Langford

Title: The Leading Edge Magazine of Science Fiction & Fantasy 8
Series: Leading Edge
Number in Series: 8 (eight)
Author(s): Steven K. Barton, Michael Shayne Bell, Dan Burk, David Doering, Jim B. Ellis, Karen Ellis, Mel L. Gifford, Nancy Lynn Hayes, Barbara R. Hume, Jonathan Langford, Connie Ruth Rush
Editor(s): David Doering, Jonathan D. Langford
Cover Artist: James Watson
Interior Artist(s): Sharon Barwick, David Bastian, Steve Keele, Ron Shirtz, James Watson
Language: English
Publisher: Quark – The Science and Fiction Club
Published: 1984
Staff List:
   Executive Editor: David Doering
   Managing Editor: Jonathan D. Langford
   Executive Secretary: David Wolverton
   Editing Director: Virginia E. Baker
   Fiction Editor: Mel L. Gifford
   Nonfiction Editor: Amelia L. McClure
   Art Director: James Watson
   Associate Editors: M. Shayne Bell, Lareena Smith
   Staff: Delayna Anderson, Russell Asplund, Jenni Babcock, Sharon Barwick, Karl Batdorff, Dave Bastian, Ron Blankenship, Vicki Brinkmeier, Karen Ellis, Beverly Farland, Tom Grover, Nancy Hayes, Mariann Howarth, Terry Jeffress, Steve Keele, Pet Malm, Ed Phippen, Connie Rush, Jim Sather, Bill Schuler, Cindy Skinner, Keri Webb, Jamie Whalen, David Wilson
   Special Thanks to: Linda Hunter Adams, Elizabeth Pope, Susan Ream, Marion K. Smith, Marjorie Wright
   “Driven to the Edge: Editor’s Page” by David Doering
   “Wall Street Wizardry” by Dan Burk
   “Approaching the Edge: The Sheer Joy of Storytelling: An Interview with C. J. Cherryh” by Michael Shayne Bell
   “Split Personality” by Nancy Lynn Hayes
   “View from the Edge: Always Working on a Book: An Interview with Frederik Pohl” by Connie R. Rush
   “First Contact: A Play in One Act” by Michael Shayne Bell
   “Young Rissa” by F. M. Busby – review by Karen Ellis
   “Raphael” by R. A. MacAvoy – review by Nancy Lynn Hayes
   “The River of Dancing Gods” by Jack L. Chalker – review by Nancy Lynn Hayes
   “Oh Vile Dragon” by Steven K. Barton
   “Dragon” by Jim B. Ellis
   “The Only Sure Escape” by Connie Ruth Rush
   “Star Weaver” poem by Mel L. Gifford
   “L. A. Con II: A World Con for All Fans…” by Barbara R. Hume
   “A Word in Edgewise: Report from the Managing Editor” by Jonathan Langford

The Leading Edge Magazine No. 2 – edited by Dave Doering and Michael W. Reed

Title: The Leading Edge Magazine No. 2
Series: Leading Edge
Number in Series: 2 (two)
Author(s): C.C. Alarcon, David M. Bastian, M. Shayne Bell, Cara Bullinger, Dave Doering, Barbara R. Hume, Tony Markham, Todd Nestor, Michael W. Reed, Rayda Reed, Romann Schreiber, Diann Thornley
Editor(s): Dave Doering, Michael W. Reed
Cover Artist: David Michael Bastian
Interior Artist(s): Alfonso Juarez, Steven Keele, Tony Markham, Michelle Miller, Diann Thornley
Language: English
Publisher: The Leading Edge
Published: November 1981
Staff List:
   Executive Editor: Dave Doering
   Managing Editor: Michael W. Reed
   Associate Editors: Shayne Bell, Barbara Hume, Tony Markham
   Layout Editor: Rayda Reed
   Art Director: Dave Bastian
   Advertising Director: Diann Thornley
   Staff: Melva Gifford, Lareena Smith, Sharon Barwick
   “Editor’s Page” by Michael W. Reed
   “Approaching the Edge: Interview with David Michael Bastian” by Dave Doering
   “Senji” by Romann Schreiber
   “A Hearth on Terra (Part I of III)” by Barbara R. Hume
   “Over the Edge: Denvention II, the 39th World Science Fiction Convention” by Dave Doering and David M. Bastian
   “Deathwatch” by M. Shayne Bell
   “Quazzblog” by Todd Nestor
   “The Brave, the Knave, and the Cave” by Tony Markham
   “The Laura Symphony” by Cara Bullinger
   “Star-rigger” by Rayda Reed
   “Next Year” by Dave Doering
   “The Slushpile Strikes Back” by C.C. Alarcon
   “The Misplaced Space Case” by Diann Thornley
   “View from the Edge: Free Will and Predestination” by M. Shayne Bell