The Leading Edge Magazine No. 2 – edited by Dave Doering and Michael W. Reed

Title: The Leading Edge Magazine No. 2
Series: Leading Edge
Number in Series: 2 (two)
Author(s): C.C. Alarcon, David M. Bastian, M. Shayne Bell, Cara Bullinger, Dave Doering, Barbara R. Hume, Tony Markham, Todd Nestor, Michael W. Reed, Rayda Reed, Romann Schreiber, Diann Thornley
Editor(s): Dave Doering, Michael W. Reed
Cover Artist: David Michael Bastian
Interior Artist(s): Alfonso Juarez, Steven Keele, Tony Markham, Michelle Miller, Diann Thornley
Language: English
Publisher: The Leading Edge
Published: November 1981
Staff List:
   Executive Editor: Dave Doering
   Managing Editor: Michael W. Reed
   Associate Editors: Shayne Bell, Barbara Hume, Tony Markham
   Layout Editor: Rayda Reed
   Art Director: Dave Bastian
   Advertising Director: Diann Thornley
   Staff: Melva Gifford, Lareena Smith, Sharon Barwick
   “Editor’s Page” by Michael W. Reed
   “Approaching the Edge: Interview with David Michael Bastian” by Dave Doering
   “Senji” by Romann Schreiber
   “A Hearth on Terra (Part I of III)” by Barbara R. Hume
   “Over the Edge: Denvention II, the 39th World Science Fiction Convention” by Dave Doering and David M. Bastian
   “Deathwatch” by M. Shayne Bell
   “Quazzblog” by Todd Nestor
   “The Brave, the Knave, and the Cave” by Tony Markham
   “The Laura Symphony” by Cara Bullinger
   “Star-rigger” by Rayda Reed
   “Next Year” by Dave Doering
   “The Slushpile Strikes Back” by C.C. Alarcon
   “The Misplaced Space Case” by Diann Thornley
   “View from the Edge: Free Will and Predestination” by M. Shayne Bell