Writers of the Future Volume 33 – edited by David Farland

"Writers of the Future Volume 33" edited by David Farland.

“Writers of the Future Volume 33” edited by David Farland.

Title: Writers of the Future Volume 33
Series: Writers of the Future
Number in Series: 33 (thirty-three)
Editor(s): David Farland
Cover Artist: Larry Elmore
Interior Artist(s): Asher Ben Alpay, Hanna Al-Shaer, Larry Elmore, Yader Fonseca, David Furnal, Christopher Kiklowicz, Chan Ha Kim, Aituar Manas, Joshua Meehan, Michael Michera, Anthony Moravian, Jason Park, Rachel Quinlan, Ryan Richmond, Preston Stone
Language: English
Publisher: Galaxy Press
Published: April 2017
ISBN-10: 1619865297
ISBN-13: 9781619865297
   “Moonlight One” by Stephen Lawson
   “The Armor Embrace” by Doug C. Souza
   “Envoy in the Ice” by Dustin Steinacker
   “Search for Research” essay by L. Ron Hubbard
   “The Devil’s Rescue” by L. Ron Hubbard
   “Tears for Shülna” by Andrew L. Roberts
   “The Drake Equation” by C.L. Kagmi
   “Acquisition” by Jake Marley
   “Obsidian Spire” by Molly Elizabeth Atkins
   “A Thousand or So Words of Wisdom” essay by Anne McCaffrey
   “Gator” by Robert J. Sawyer
   “A Glowing Heart” by Anton Rose
   “The Long Dizzy Down” by Ziporah Hildebrandt
   “The Woodcutter’s Deity” by Walter Dinjos
   “How to Become an Illustrator” essay by Larry Elmore
   “The Dragon Killer’s Daughter” by Todd McCaffrey
   “Useless Magic” by Andrew Perry
   “Adramelech” by Sean Hazlett
   “The Fox, the Wolf, and the Dove” by Ville Meriläinen
   “The Magnificent Bhajan” by David VonAllmen
   “Notes on Art Direction: Is It Direction or Suggestion?” essay by Bob Eggleton

Snapshot by Brandon Sanderson

"Snapshot" by Brandon Sanderson limited hardcover from Vault Books.

“Snapshot” by Brandon Sanderson limited hardcover from Vault Books.

Title: Snapshot
Author(s): Brandon Sanderson
Cover Artist: Vincent Chong
Interior Artist(s): Vincent Chong
Language: English
Original Publisher: Dragonsteel Entertainment
Originally Published: February 2017
Publisher: Vault Books
Published: April 2017
ISBN-10: 0998559903
ISBN-13: 9780998559902
Notes: Limited numbered 35/1000

Forbidden Thoughts – edited by Jason Rennie and Ben Zwycky

"Forbidden Thoughts" edited by Jason Rennie and Ben Zwycky.

“Forbidden Thoughts” edited by Jason Rennie and Ben Zwycky.

Title: Forbidden Thoughts
Editor(s): Jason Rennie, Ben Zwycky
Cover Artist: Cat Leonard
Interior Artist(s): Cat Leonard
Language: English
Publisher: Subversive Press
Published: January 2017
   “Foreword” by Milo Yiannopoulos
   “The Razor Blade of Approval” poem by Ben Zwycky
   “Safe Space Suit” by Nick Cole
   “Auto America” by E.J. Shumak
   “A Place for Everyone” by Ray Blank
   “The Code” by Matthew Ward
   “The Secret History of the World Gone By” by Joshua M. Young
   “The Social Construct” by David Hallquist
   “At the Edge of Detachment” by A.M. Freeman
   “A History of Sad Puppies” essay by Larry Correia and Brad R. Torgersen
   “If You Were a Hamburger, My Love” by Ray Blank
   “Imagine” by Pierce Oka
   “Graduation Day” by Chrome Oxide
   “Hymns of the Mothers” by Brad R. Torgersen
   “By His Cockle Hat and Staff” by John C. Wright
   “The Rules of Racism” by Tom Kratman
   “World Ablaze” by Jane Lebak
   “Amazon Gambit” by Vox Day
   “Elegy for the Locust” by Brian Niemeier
   “Test of the Prophet” by L. Jagi Lamplighter
   “Flight to Egypt” by Sarah A. Hoyt

Arcanum Unbounded – The Cosmere Collection by Brandon Sanderson

"Arcanum Unbounded: The Cosmere Collection" by Brandon Sanderson.

“Arcanum Unbounded: The Cosmere Collection” by Brandon Sanderson.

Title: Arcanum Unbounded – The Cosmere Collection
Series: Cosmere, Elantris, First of the Sun, Mistborn, Stormlight Archive, Threnody, White Sand
Author(s): Brandon Sanderson
Cover Artist: David Palumbo
Interior Artist(s): Ben McSweeney, Isaac Stewart
Language: English
Publisher: Tor Books
Published: November 2016
ISBN-10: 0765391163
ISBN-13: 9780765391162
Notes: Each of the stories has a postscript by Sanderson
   “The Selish System” (Elantris)
   “The Emperor’s Soul” (Elantris)
   “The Hope of Elantris” (Elantris)
   “The Scadrian System” (Mistborn)
   “The Eleventh Metal” (Mistborn)
   “Allomancer Jak and the Pits of Eltania, Episodes 28 through 30” (Mistborn)
   “Mistborn: Secret History” (Mistborn)
   “The Taldain System” (White Sand)
   “White Sand” (graphic novel excerpt) (White Sand)
   “White Sand” (original story excerpt) (White Sand)
   “The Threnodite System” (Threnody)
   “Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell” (Threnody)
   “The Drominad System” (First of the Sun)
   “Sixth of the Dusk” (First of the Sun)
   “The Rosharan System” (Stormlight Archive)
   “Edgedancer” (Stormlight Archive)

Eva Goes Solo by Evangeline Neo

Title: Eva Goes Solo
Series: Evacomics
Number in Series: 2 (two)
Author(s): Evangeline Neo
Cover Artist: Evangeline Neo
Interior Artist(s): Evangeline Neo
Language: English
Publisher: Evacomics
Published: October 2016
ISBN-10: 1539308553
ISBN-13: 9781539308553

Cold Slither and Other Horrors of the Weird West by David J. West

"Cold Slither and Other Horrors of the Weird West" by David J. West.

“Cold Slither and Other Horrors of the Weird West” by David J. West.

Title: Cold Slither and Other Horrors of the Weird West
Author(s): David J. West
Cover Artist: Dmick27
Language: English
Publisher: Lost Realms Press
Published: August 2016
ISBN-10: 1534747699
ISBN-13: 9781534747692
   “Cold Slither”
   “Black Wings in the Moonlight”
   “Soma for the Destroying Angels Soul”
   “Rolling in the Deep”
   “Tangle Crowned Devil”
   “Fangs of the Dragon”
   “Garden of Legion”
   “Red Wolf Moon”
   “Killer Instinct”
   “Right Hand Man”
   “Striding Through Darkness”

Singular Irregularity – Time Travel Gone Terribly Wrong – edited by Kimber Grey

"Singular Irregularity - Time Travel Gone Terribly Wrong" edited by Kimber Grey.

“Singular Irregularity – Time Travel Gone Terribly Wrong” edited by Kimber Grey.

Title: Singular Irregularity – Time Travel Gone Terribly Wrong
Editor(s): Kimber Grey
Cover Artist: ThyC-Graphics
Language: English
Publisher: Gray Whisper Graphics Productions
Published: September 2016
ISBN-10: 1535238968
ISBN-13: 9781535238960
   “Standing Still” by Donald J. Bingle
   “The Hourglass Brigade” by Alex Shvartsman
   “The Master of Time” by James Dorr
   “The Mistakes of the Past” by Michael Haynes
   “Alfie’s Choice” by Holly Schofield
   “The Tea-Space Continuum” by Wendy Nikel
   “Foundering Fathers” by Brian K. Lowe
   “Postcards from Home” by Thea Hutcheson
   “Repeat Performance” by Liam Hogan
   “Fixed Point” by Liam Hogan
   “The Light of Tomorrow” by Sarah Hans
   “True Mileage Unknown” by Martin Rose
   “The Neverending Patch Day” by Emma Tonkin
   “Serendi-Bunny” (Pack Dynamics) by Julie Frost
   “Gesundheit” by Sierra July
   “Arbiters” by D.F. Shultz
   “Destinations” by Michael Milne
   “Equinox” by G.D. Penman
   “Martin the Guinea Pig” by
   “For the Greater Good of All” by Tais Teng
   “<500" by Tim Jeffreys and Martin Greaves    "A Time to Change the Present" by Ewan R. Chapman    "Sunny Days" by Shannon Fay    "The Long Haul" by John Taloni    "Time's Up" by Kimber Grey    "Liminal House" by John Shade    "Brian Purdy" (limerick) by Emma Tonkin and Kimber Grey    "Tyler Whitney" (limerick) by Emma Tonkin and Kimber Grey    "Dennis Hughes" (limerick) by Emma Tonkin and Kimber Grey    "Gillian Brunning" (limerick) by Emma Tonkin and Kimber Grey

Urban Allies – edited by Joseph Nassise

"Urban Allies" edited by Joseph Nassise.

“Urban Allies” edited by Joseph Nassise.

Title: Urban Allies
Editor(s): Joseph Nassise
Cover Artist: Owen Corrigan, Maciej Toporowicz
Language: English
Publisher: Harper Voyager
Published: July 2016
ISBN-10: 0062391348
ISBN-13: 9780062391346
   “Ladies Fight” by Caitlin Kittredge and Jaye Wells
   “Tailed” by Seanan McGuire and Kelley Armstrong
   “Sweet, Blissful Certainty” by Steven Savile and Craig Schaefer
   “Pig Roast” by Joseph Nassise and Sam Witt
   “Takes All Kinds” by Diana Rowland and Carrie Vaughn
   “The Lessons of Room 19” by Weston Ochse and David Wellington
   “Blood for Blood” by Charlaine Harris and Christopher Golden
   “Spite House” by C.E. Murphy and Kat Richardson
   “Crossed Wires” by Jeff Somers and Stephen Blackmoore
   “Weaponized Hell” (Joe Ledger) by Larry Correia and Jonathan Maberry

Galactic Games – edited by Bryan Thomas Schmidt

"Galactic Games" edited by Bryan Thomas Schmidt.

“Galactic Games” edited by Bryan Thomas Schmidt.

Title: Galactic Games
Editor(s): Bryan Thomas Schmidt
Cover Artist: Domic Harman
Language: English
Publisher: Baen Books
Published: June 2016
ISBN-10: 1476781583
ISBN-13: 9781476781587
   “With Fones” by Todd McCaffrey
   “Little Games” by Mercedes Lackey
   “Regulation” by Seanan McGuire
   “Earth, Corner Pocket” by Lezli Robyn
   “The Great Kladnar Race” by Randall Garrett and Robert Silverberg
   “Advantages” by Louise Marley
   “Louisville Slugger” by Jack C. Haldeman II
   “For the Sake of the Game” by Gray Rinehart
   “Shooter Ready” by Larry Correia
   “Minor Hockey Gods of Barstow Station” by Beth Cato
   “Pompoms and Circumstance” by Esther M. Friesner
   “The Olympian” by Mike Resnick
   “Petra and the Blue Goo” by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
   “Green Moss River” by David Farland
   “The On-Deck Circle” by Gene Wolfe
   “Stress Cracks” by Anthony R. Cardno
   “Run to Starlight” by George R.R. Martin
   “Mars Court Rules” by Brad R. Torgersen
   “Last Shot, First Shot” by Dean Wesley Smith
   “The Great Ignorant Race” by Robert Reed

The Year’s Best Military & Adventure SF 2015 – edited by David Afsharirad

"The Years Best Military and Adventure SF 2015" edited by David Afsharirad.

“The Years Best Military and Adventure SF 2015” edited by David Afsharirad.

Title: The Year’s Best Military & Adventure SF 2015
Series: The Year’s Best Military SF, Space Opera and Adventure SF
Number in Series: 2 (two)
Editor(s): David Afsharirad
Cover Artist: Kurt Miller
Language: English
Publisher: Baen Books
Published: June 2016
ISBN-10: 147678177X
ISBN-13: 9781476781778
   “The Siege of Denver” by Brendan DuBois
   “Save What You Can” (Hammer’s Slammers) by David Drake
   “For the Love of Sylvia City” by Andrea M. Pawley
   “The Wizard of the Trees” by Joe R. Lansdale
   “Helping Hand” by Claudine Griggs
   “Morrigan in Shadow” by Seth Dickinson
   “Remember Day” by Sarah Pinsker
   “Gyre” (Sargasso Containment) by Brad R. Torgersen
   “Twilight on Olympus” by Eric Leif Davin
   “The Trouble with Telepaths” by Hank Davis
   “This Is the Way the Universe Ends: with a Bang” by Brian Dolton
   “The Tumbledowns of Cleopatra Abyss” by David Brin