Fractured Beauty by Angela Hartley, Adrienne Monson, Angela Corbett, Lehua Parker, and Angela Brimhall

"Fractured Beauty" by Angela Hartley, Adrienne Monson, Angela Corbett, Lehua Parker, and Angela Brimhall.

“Fractured Beauty” by Angela Hartley, Adrienne Monson, Angela Corbett, Lehua Parker, and Angela Brimhall.

Title: Fractured Beauty
Series: Beauty and the Beast
Number in Series: n/a
Author(s): Angela Brimhall, Angela Corbett, Angela Hartley, Adrienne Monson, Lehua Parker
Cover Artist: unknown
Language: English
Publisher: Tork Media
Published: June 2017
Catalog Number: ASIN B06XWNY5R7
   “” by

Fantastic Worlds – A Fantasy Anthology

"Fantastic Worlds: A Fantasy Anthology".

“Fantastic Worlds: A Fantasy Anthology”.

Title: Fantastic Worlds – A Fantasy Anthology
Editor(s): unknown
Cover Artist: unknown
Language: English
Publisher: Future House Publishing
Published: October 2016
ISBN-10: 1944452532
ISBN-13: 9781944452537
Notes: No editor credit is given anywhere in the book.
   “Little Magicks” by Christie Golden
   “The Taler’s Truth” (Tales of Zo) by Michaelbrent Collings
   “The Thornclaw Forest” (Iron Dragon) by Paul Genesse
   “We Called the Dragon” by Jacob Gowans
   “Waves” (Etherwalker) by Cameron Dayton
   “Twins” (Sands) by Kevin L. Nielson
   “The Presence” by Michael Moreci
   “Lucky Day” (Got Luck) by Michael Darling
   “Trapped” (Granted) by Michelle Merrill
   “Reflexio: Before Ama’s Watch” (Ama’s Watch) by Zachary James
   Crude Magic” (The Hunger) by Michael D. Young
   “The Frog’s Princess” (The Stone Bearers) by Jacque Stevens

Leading Edge, Issue 68

Title: Leading Edge, Issue 68
Series: Leading Edge
Number in Series: 68 (sixty-eight)
Author(s): see below
Editor(s): Leah Welker
Cover Artist: Katie Wald
Interior Artist(s): Kate Brindley, Corinna Caldron, Deborah Goldberg, John Hinderlifter, Ashley Sanborn, Katie Wald
Language: English
Publisher: Leading Edge Magazine
Published: March 2016
ISSN: 1049-5983
ISBN-10: 1530828546
ISBN-13: 9781530828548
Staff List:
   Editor in Chief: Leah Walker
   Managing Editors: Hayley Brooks, Adam McLain
   Senior Editors: Liz Blodgett, Loretta Farnsworth, Bella Hansen, Heather White
   Editors: Nicole Boden, Josh Felix, Baylee Vasquez
   Senior Acquisitions Editor: Emma Snow, Jerrica Stevens, Rachel Tietjen
   Acquisition Editors: Lauren Allred, Lori-Ann Drecketts, John Gibbons, Mariah Gibbons, Daniel Gonzales, Rachel Hickey, Holly Hudgens, Alex Hugie, Laci Player, Gavin, Vansteeter, Tianna Welker
   Production Manager: Lesli Mortensen
   Designers: Jon Blackman, Heidi Bonham, Thalia Pope
   Fiction Director: Heather White
   Poetry Director: Bryan Hall
   Nonfiction Director: Liz Blodgett
   Art Director: Deborah Goldberg
   Faculty Advisor: Alan Manning
   Associate Editor: Mackenzie Smith
   Scalpel Font: Héctor del Amo
   Logo Design: Johanna Taylor
   “Letter from the Editor” by Leah Walker
   “Charming” by Kirstie Olley
   “Athon’s Song” poem by Miriam King
   “Loneliness in a Cold Wind” by Richard Wolkomir
   “Holding Fire in the Deep” poem by Mark C. Childs
   “Destiny” by Forest Taylor
   “Earth & Ice” by Leah E. Welker
   “AI” poem by Lynn Buchanan
   “Twenty Minutes to Mars” by Samuel Kabakoff
   “Author Interview of Dave Butler” by Liz Blodgett
   “Review of The Extraordinary Journeys of Clockwork Charlie: The Kidnap Plot” by Liz Blodgett
   “How Nerd Are You?” quiz by staff
   “Daughter of Man (Part 2 of 4)” by Michela Hunter
   “Exploration of Craft” by Lynn Buchanan
   “Ghosts Don’t Count” by Julia Jeffery
   “Cursed (or Blessed?) to Tell the Truth” by Nathaniel Keenan
   “Eclipsed” by Neal Silvester
   “The Author’s Daughter” by Loretta R.P. Farnsworth

Women of Wonder – Celebrating Women Creators of Fantastic Art – edited by Cathy Fenner

"Women of Wonder - Celebrating Women Creators of Fantastic Art" edited by Cathy Fenner.

“Women of Wonder – Celebrating Women Creators of Fantastic Art” edited by Cathy Fenner.

Title: Women of Wonder – Celebrating Women Creators of Fantastic Art
Author(s): Cathy Fenner, Lauren Panepinto
Editor(s): Cathy Fenner
Cover Artist: Sho Murase (back), Chie Yoshii, 吉井千恵
Interior Artist(s): Kei Acedera, Mia Araujo, Alicia Austin, L.D. Austin, Anna Balbusso, Elena Balbusso, Mary Blair, Wylie Beckert, Jasmine Becket-Griffith, Kelsey Beckett, Laurie Lee Brom, Margaret Brundage, Marina Bychkova, Rovina Cai, Kristina Carroll, Echo Chernik, Hannah Christenson, Kinuko Y. Craft, Camilla d’Errico, Mélanie Delon, Zelda Devon, Diane Dillon, Julie Dillon, Lisa Falkenstern, Eleanor Fortescue-Brickdale, Anne Yvonne Gilbert, Elizabeth Shippen Green, Rebecca Leveille-Guay, Christina Hess, Kimberly Kincaid, Andrea Kowch, Anita Kunz, Jody A. Lee, Sacha Lees, Vanessa Lemen, Lindsey Look, Alexandra Manukyan, Carly Mazur, Tara McPherson, Ilene Meyer, Brandi Milne, Rowena Morrill, Sho Murase, Winona Nelson, Victo Ngai, Tran Nguyen, Terese Nielsen, Rose O’Neill, Karla Ortiz, Barbara Remington, Forest Rogers, Virginie Ropars, Ruth Sanderson, Marie Severin, Cynthia Sheppard, Yuko Shimizu, 清水裕子, Jessie Wilcox Smith, Annie Stegg, Heather Theurer, Shelly Wan, Heather Watts, Claire Wendling, Terryl Whitlatch, Sulamith Wülfing, Rebecca Yanovskaya, Chie Yoshii, 吉井千恵, Lizbeth Zwerger
Language: English
Publisher: Underwood Books
Published: May 2015
ISBN-10: 1599290723
ISBN-13: 9781599290720

Cinderella Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

"Cinderella Original Motion Picture Soundtrack" by Patrick Doyle.

“Cinderella Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” by Patrick Doyle.

Title: Cinderella Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Vocals(s): Helena Bonham Carter, Lily James, Sonna Rele
Music Composer: Patrick Doyle
Lyrics: Kenneth Branagh, Tommy Danvers, Mack David, Patrick Doyle, Al Hoffman, Jerry Livingston
Label: Walt Disney Records
Genre: Soundtrack
Catalog Number: D002179702
Released: March 2015
Language: English
Notes: Tracks 31-33 are on the digital version only (which we also have).
Track Listing:

  1. A Golden Childhood
  2. The Great Secret
  3. A New Family
  4. Life and Laughter
  5. The First Branch
  6. Nice and Airy
  7. Orphaned
  8. The Stag
  9. Rich Beyond Reason
  10. Fairy Godmother
  11. Pumpkins and Mice
  12. You Shall Go
  13. Valse Royale
  14. Who Is She?
  15. La Valse De L’amour
  16. La Valse Champagne
  17. La Polka Militaire
  18. La Polka De Paris
  19. A Secret Garden
  20. La Polka De Minuit
  21. Choose That One
  22. Pumpkin Pursuit
  23. The Slipper
  24. Shattered Dreams
  25. Searching the Kingdom
  26. Ella and Kit
  27. Courage and Kindness
  28. Strong – sung by Sonna Rele
  29. A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes – sung by Lily James
  30. Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo (The Magic Song) – sung by Helena Bonham Carter
  31. Strong (instrumental)
  32. A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes (instrumental)
  33. Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo (The Magic Song) (instrumental)




Title: Maleficent
Starring: Sharlto Copley, Elle Fanning, Angelina Jolie, Lesley Manville, Sam Riley, Imelda Staunton, Juno Temple
Director(s): Robert Stromberg
Producer(s): Joe Roth
Music: James Newton Howard
Studio: Roth Films, Walt Disney Pictures
Released: May 2014
Series: Sleeping Beauty
Number in Series: n/a
Language: English

The Art and Flair of Mary Blair – An Appreciation by John Canemaker

"The Art and Flair of Mary Blair - An Appreciation" by John Canemaker.

“The Art and Flair of Mary Blair – An Appreciation” by John Canemaker.

Title: The Art and Flair of Mary Blair – An Appreciation
Author(s): John Canemaker
Cover Artist: Mary Blair
Interior Artist(s): Mary Blair
Language: English
Publisher: Disney Editions
Published: May 2014
ISBN-10: 1423127447
ISBN-13: 9781423127444
Notes: Updated edition.