Jodan Library is a virtual version of our library of books, videos, and music, created so people can easily browse through it and see what we have. Each entry will be categorized according to the month and year it was originally released (which may not be possible for classical albums, but we’ll try). This means there will be entries from before Al Gore invented the internet. Enjoy browsing books and films from the early 1900s when you find them.

Each book is categorized by the type or genre of book it is, and then tagged with the author(s), artist(s), publisher, and series (if applicable). If the release month is unknown (usually for really old books), it will be posted in January of the applicable year.

Each video will be tagged by director, producer, stars, who wrote the music, series, and the studio that released the work.

Each music will be tagged according to vocalist(s), lyricist(s), composer(s), and label.

We hope you enjoy browsing the library, and please let us know if you have any questions.