Redneck Eldritch – edited by Nathan Shumate

"Redneck Eldritch" edited by Nathan Shumate.

“Redneck Eldritch” edited by Nathan Shumate.

Title: Redneck Eldritch
Series: Eldritch Anthologies
Number in Series: n/a
Author(s): see below
Editor(s): Nathan Shumate
Cover Artist: Carter Reid
Language: English
Publisher: Cold Fusion Media
Published: April 2016
ISBN-10: 0692692916
ISBN-13: 9780692692912
   “A Hole in the World” by Ian Welke
   “Recording Devices” by D. J. Butler
   “Mine of the Damned Gods” by Sarah E. Seeley
   “Blood” by Steve Diamond
   “Ostler Wallow” by Nathan Shumate
   “Nightmare Fuel” by David Dunwoody
   “The Swimming Hole” by Theric Jepson
   “It Came From the Woods” by Jason A. Anderson
   “Lake Town” by Garrett Calcaterra
   “Taxed” by Scott William Taylor
   “The Gears Turn Below” by S. M. Williams
   “Slicker” by Robert J Defendi
   “A Brown and Dismal Horror” by Jaleta Clegg
   “The People of the Other Book” by Robert Masterson
   “The Diddley Bow Horror” by Brad R. Torgerson
   “At the Highways of Madness” by David J. West

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