Champions of Aetaltis – edited by Marc Tassin and John Helfers

"Champions of Aetaltis" edited by Marc Tassin and John Helfers.

“Champions of Aetaltis” edited by Marc Tassin and John Helfers.

Title: Champions of Aetaltis
Series: Aetaltis
Number in Series: n/a
Editor(s): John Helfers, Marc Tassin
Cover Artist: Mitchell Malloy
Interior Artist(s): Mike Schley
Language: English
Publisher: Mechanical Muse
Published: April 2016
ISBN-10: 0990529649
ISBN-13: 9780990529644
   “A Time of Shadows, An Age of Honor” by Marc Tassin and John Helfers
   “Mother of Catastrophes” by Erin M. Evans
   “My Doom May Come Soon” by Ed Greenwood
   “The Bridge” by Larry Correia ✓
   “Ashes of Victory” by Elizabeth A. Vaughn
   “Tower of the Golden God” by Steven S. Long
   “Bellar’s Thorn” by Jean Rabe
   “The Warlady’s Daughter” by Lucy A. Snyder
   “Upon Reflection” by Aaron Rosenberg
   “The Whole Hearted Halfling” by Melanie Meadors
   “Vendetta” by Richard Lee Byers
   “True Monsters” by John Helfers
   “Books Are No Good” by Cat Rambo
   “The Secret of the Holy Crystal” by Marc Tassin
   “The Undercity Job” by Dave Gross
   “A Deeper Darkness” by David Farland ✓
   “Never a Moon So Bright” by Elaine Cunningham
   “The Wailing Temple” by Mel Odom

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