Heroic – Tales of the Extraordinary – edited by Blake Casselman

Title: Heroic – Tales of the Extraordinary
Editor(s): Blake Casselman
Cover Artist: Brian C. Hailes
Language: English
Publisher: Dan Farr Productions
Published: September 2015
ISBN-10: 1517328276
ISBN-13: 9781517328276
Notes: Limited to 500 copies, from Salt Lake Comic Con 2015
   “Looks Are Deceiving” by Michael A. Stackpole
   “The Proving Ground” by David Farland
   “Goth Guardian” by J.R. Johansson
   “The Integrity of Gus the Plumber” by Craig Nybo
   “The Grape Whisperer” by Johnny Worthen
   “Power Surge” by Lisa Mangum
   “How to Babysit a Werewolf” by Bree Despain
   “Enigma’am” by James Wymore
   “Credit Where It’s Due” by Dan Willis
   “Sketch Artist” by Brian C. Hailes
   “Unforgettable” by Eric James Stone
   “Eureka” by Paul Genesse
   “Harsh Sanctity” by Blake Casselman
   “Sanctuary” by Bryan Young

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