Once Upon a Time – edited by C.L. McCollum and August Clearwing

"Once Upon a Time" anthology edited by C.L. McCollum and August Clearwing.

“Once Upon a Time” anthology edited by C.L. McCollum and August Clearwing.

Title: Once Upon a Time
Author(s): Audi Belardinelli, August Clearwing, Michael Cross, Stephanie Gaudin , Malaika R. Goodman, Erin Honour, Mitchell Lehnert, Vivian LoDuca, Kristi Luchi, C.L. McCollum, Emma Michaels, Ellen Million, Gerald Sallier, Elaine Titus, Steven Wilcox
Editor(s): August Clearwing, C.L. McCollum
Cover Artist: n/a
Interior Artist(s): Bobbie Berendeson W., Jessica Douglas, Rebecca Flaum, Tawny Fritz, Rebecca D. George, Katherine Guevara-Birmelin, Wendy Martin, Ellen Million, Maria Andée Paiz, Michelle Papadopoulos, Iole Marie E. Rabor, Kym Schow, Karin Van de Kuilen
Language: English
Publisher: Herding Cats Press
Published: June 2015
ISBN-10: 1514326493
ISBN-13: 9781514326497
Notes: Benefit anthology for RAINN.
   “Ravens for Johannes” by Emma Michaels and Michael Cross
   “Bridgette and the Gruffz” by Steven Wilcox
   “In Scales, In Skin” by Erin Honour
   “Ayuna’s Song” by August Clearwing
   “Red Velvet” by Vivian LoDuca
   “Ura and the Turtle” by Malaika R. Goodman
   “Maiden Tree” by Elaine Titus
   “Beloved of the Sun” by C.L. McCollum
   “And the Petals Were Long Gone” by Mitchell Lehnert
   “How Virginia Dare Slew the Waffle Dragon” by Gerald Sallier
   “Generations in Gingerbread” by Stephanie Gaudin
   “Snow & Red” by Kristi Luchi
   “True Confessions of a Sea Witch” by C.L. McCollum
   “The Dazzling Finister” by Ellen Million
   “The Girl in the Glass Box” by Audi Belardinelli

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