Kaiju Rising – Age of Monsters – edited by Tim Marquitz and Nickolas Sharps

"Kaiju Rising: Age of Monsters" edited by Tim Marquitz and Nickolas Sharps.

“Kaiju Rising: Age of Monsters” edited by Tim Marquitz and Nickolas Sharps.

Title: Kaiju Rising – Age of Monsters
Author(s): David Anandale, Natania Barron, Shane Berryhill, Nathan Black, Peter Clines, Larry Correia, Edward M. Erdelac, Jaym Gates, Paul Genesse, Kane Gilmour, Erin Hoffman, Howard Andrew Jones, J.C. Koch, Timothy W. Long, James Lovegrove, Mike MacLean, James Maxey, Peter Rawlik, Josh Reynolds, Jeremy Robinson, Sean Sherman, Peter Stenson, Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam, James Swallow, Patrick M. Tracy, C.L. Werner, Jonathan Wood
Editor(s): Tim Marquitz, Nickolas Sharps
Cover Artist: Bob Eggleton
Interior Artist(s): Robert Elrod, Matt Frank, Chuck Lukacs
Language: English
Publisher: Ragnarok Publications
Published: May 2014
ISBN-10: 0991360567
ISBN-13: 9780991360567
   “Big Ben and the End of the Pier Show” by James Lovegrove
   “The Conversion” by David Annandale
   “Day of the Demigods” by Peter Stenson
   “The Lighthouse Keeper of Kurohaka Island” by Kane Gilmour
   “Occupied” by Natania Barron
   “One Last Round” by Nathan Black
   “The Serpent’s Heart” by Howard Andrew Jones
   “Monstruo” by Mike MacLean
   “The Behemoth” by Jonathan Wood
   “The Greatest Hunger” by Jaym Gates
   “Heartland” by Shane Berryhill
   “Devil’s Cap Brawl” by Edward M. Erdelac
   “Shaktarra” by Sean Sherman
   “Of the Earth, of the Sky, of the Sea” by Patrick M. Tracy and Paul Genesse
   “The Flight of the Red Monsters” by Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam
   “Operation Starfish” by Peter Rawlik
   “With Bright Shining Faces” by J.C. Koch
   “The Banner of the Bent Cross” by Peter Clines
   “Fall of Babylon” by James Maxey
   “Dead Man’s Bones” by Josh Reynolds
   “Stormrise” by Erin Hoffman
   “Big Dog” by Timothy W. Long
   “The Great Sea Beast” by Larry Correia
   “Animikii vs. Mishipeshu” by C.L. Werner
   “The Turn of the Card” by James Swallow

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