Spark – A Creative Anthology – Volume III – edited by Brian Lewis

"Spark: A Creative Anthology Volume III" edited by Brian Lewis.

“Spark: A Creative Anthology Volume III” edited by Brian Lewis.

Title: Spark: A Creative Anthology, Volume III, October-November 2013
Series: Spark (anthology series)
Number in Series: 3 (three)
Author(s): Barbara Black, Cathy Bryant, John W. Buckley, Fatman Butter, Michael Campagnoli, Kari Castor, Christian Fennell, Beatriz F. Fernandez, D.A. Gray, Mika Hillery, Alexis A. Hunter, Janet E. Irvin, Francesca Linton, Christopher Michel, Deborah Miller-Collins, Rebekah Orton Tom Pescatore, Elizabeth Sachs, Caroline Zarlengo Sposto, Ben Thompson, Megan Turner, George Wells
Editor(s): Brian Lewis
Cover Artist: Rodney Artiles
Interior Artist(s): Paul Pederson
Language: English
Publisher: Empire & Great Jones Little Press
Published: October 2013
ISBN-10: 0988807289
ISBN-13: 9780988807280
ISSN: 2326-4772
   “Foreward” by Lidia Yuknavitch
   “To the River” by George Wells
   “The Story of a Mother” by Mika Hillery
   “Night Class in Syracuse” poem by Christopher Michel
   “Silver Linings” by Fatman Butter
   “Leafing” by Elizabeth Sachs
   “Yellow Roses on Snow” poem by Cathy Bryant
   “Letters to Mary” by Megan Turner
   “Sleepless on Medicine Creek” poem by D.A. Gray
   “Wrong Side of God” by Alexis A. Hunter
   “All-You-Can-Eat” by Ben Thompson
   “Sister Eugénie’s Wonderful Glass Eye” poem by Barbara Black
   “A Brief Theory of Triangular Scale” by Janet E. Irvin
   “Temporal Shift” poem by Tom Pescatore
   “Jukebox Lament” by John W. Buckley
   “Angel of the Equinox” by Christian Fennell
   “Before Ararat” poem by Kari Castor
   “Call, Talk, Lock” by Deborah Miller-Collins
   “Very Truly Yours, Irene Norton, née Adler” poem by Beatriz F. Fernandez
   “Gold Stars and Forget-Me-Nots” by Francesca Linton
   “Inner Night” poem by Michael Campagnoli
   “Chivalry” by Caroline Zarlengo Sposto
   “Future Wife” poem by Rebekah Orton

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