Bones of the World – Tales from Time’s End – edited by Bruce Holland Rogers

Title: Bones of the World – Tales from Time’s End
Series: Darkfire
Number in Series: 4 (four)
Author(s): Daniel Abraham, Lee Allred, M. Shayne Bell, Philip Brewer, Michael Scott Bricker, David Ira Cleary, Lawrence Fitzgerald, Susan J. Kroupa, Jay Lake, Mary Soon Lee, David D. Levine, Joe Murphy, Jerry Oltion, Brian Plante, Bruce Holland Rogers, Darrell Schweitzer, Justin Stanchfield, Jonathon Sullivan, Todd R. Supple, Lois Tilton, Christos Tsirbas, James Van Pelt, Ray Vukcevich, Ken Wharton
Editor(s): Bruce Holland Rogers
Cover Artist: Melisa Michaels
Language: English
Publisher: SFF Net
Published: September 2001
ISBN-10: 0966969847
ISBN-13: 9780966969849
   “Introduction” by Bruce Holland Rogers
   “The Seeds of Time” by Jerry Oltion
   “Red Queen” by Ken Wharton
   “We Came Back” by Lois Tilton
   “The Dove Cage” by Brian Plante
   “Love and Glass” by Michael Scott Bricker
   “Hymnal” by Lee Allred
   “Clever People” by Mary Soon Lee
   “We Finally Go Back to Mars” by Ray Vukcevich
   “Old Immortality” by David Ira Cleary
   “The Niman Project” by Susan J. Kroupa
   “Wind from a Dying Star” by David D. Levine
   “To the Sea, Our Tears Returned” by Justin Stanchfield
   “The Guerdon Earth” by Jonathon Sullivan
   “A Good Move in Design Space” by Daniel Abraham
   “The Sol Supernova Bakeoff” by Christos Tsirbas
   “They Went Up” by Lawrence Fitzgerald
   “Ragnarok of the Post-Humans: Final Transmissions, Sam 43 Unit 763” by M. Shayne Bell
   “Fallow” by Todd R. Supple
   “New Song of Old Earth” by Philip Brewer
   “The Courtesy of Guests” by Jay Lake
   “The Last of the Black Wine” by Darrell Schweitzer
   “Engines of Similarity” by Joe Murphy
   “The Last Age Should Show Your Heart” by James Van Pelt

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