The Best of Leigh Brackett – edited by Edmond Hamilton

"The Best of Leigh Brackett" edited by Edmond Hamilton.

“The Best of Leigh Brackett” edited by Edmond Hamilton.

Title: The Best of Leigh Brackett
Series: The Asteroid Belt, Eric John Stark, Mercury, Venus
Number in Series: n/a, n/a, n/a, n/a
Author(s): Leigh Brackett, Margaret Howes
Editor(s): Edmond Hamilton
Cover Artist: Jack Woolhiser
Interior Artist: Margaret Howes
Language: English
Publisher: Nelson Doubleday / Science Fiction Book Club
Published: July 1977
ISBN-10: none
ISBN-13: none
Catalog Number: 2128 (SFBC)
Notes: All works by Leigh Brackett except as noted.
   “Story-teller of Many Worlds” by Edmond Hamilton
   “The Jewel of Bas”
   “The Vanishing Venusians” (Venus)
   “The Veil of Astellar” (The Asteroid Belt)
   “The Moon That Vanished” (Venus)
   “Enchantress of Venus” (Eric John Stark series)
   “The Woman from Altair”
   “The Last Days of Shandakor”
   “Shannach—The Last” (Mercury)
   “The Tweener”
   “The Queer Ones”
   “Mars” by Margaret Howes

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