The Dunwich Horror and Others by H.P. Lovecraft

"The Dunwich Horror and Others" by H.P. Lovecraft.

“The Dunwich Horror and Others” by H.P. Lovecraft.

Title: The Dunwich Horror and Others
Author(s): H.P. Lovecraft
Cover Artist: Tony Patrick
Language: English
Original Title: The Dunwich Horror and Others: The Best Supernatural Stories of H.P. Lovecraft
Original Publisher: Arkham House
Originally Published: 1963
Publisher: Arkham House
Published: 1984
ISBN-10: 0870540378
ISBN-13: 9780870540370
   “A Note on the Texts” by S.T. Joshi
   “Heritage of Horror” by Robert Bloch
   “In the Vault”
   “Pickman’s Model”
   “The Rats in the Walls”
   “The Outsider”
   “The Colour Out of Space”
   “The Music of Erich Zann”
   “The Haunter of the Dark”
   “The Picture in the House”
   “The Call of Cthulhu”
   “The Dunwich Horror”
   “Cool Air”
   “The Whisperer in Darkness”
   “The Terrible Old Man”
   “The Thing on the Doorstep”
   “The Shadow Over Innsmouth”
   “The Shadow Out of Time”

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